I loved creating this warm matte smokey eye on Georgie. I wanted to tie in the colours from this gorgeous bandana scarf from ASOS so used the warm reds and browns from the Smashbox Photo Matte eyeshadow palette.

Georgie has beautiful skin, so I kept things fresh using a small amount of full coverage foundation from NARS. Using Chanel Soleil De Tan I contoured gently which also warmed the complexion and added subtle pops of highlight using MAC Pearl cream highlighter.

As I’m sure you can tell, I love a brushed, full brow! I brushed up the brows and held them in place using a clear soap, then added a few extra hair strokes with a small angle brush and NARS El Dorf brow pot.

One of my favourite liners for use on the waterline is Rail by Urban Decay, it doesn’t budge like most pencils and gives depth to a smokey eye. Ardell individual lashes are my go to, you can build and build but they always look seamless and natural, they never distract from the makeup but still add definition.

I choose to use minimal powder as I love glowing skin, my favourite at the moment is Charlotte Tilbury pressed powder and use it just under the eyes to set concealer and in the t-zone.

Hope you’ve enjoyed! Always short, but hopefully sweet!

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J x