Easy natural brows using eyeshadow

Brows make a HUGE difference to the face and they should never be overlooked or forgotten.

Applying products to your brows and filling them in doesn't mean that they will look unnatural and obviously drawn on. You just need to have the correct product, tools and most of all, colour. 

If you are fair like me use ashy colours and steer clear of anything with warm undertones as they will look orange (Benfits 'Brow Zing is a terrible shade, if you're a red head its great). The darker your hair colour the easier it is to match up a shade that will look natural, you can allow to go a shade lighter or darker if you colour your hair.

The aim when doing your brows is to fill in missing hairs rather than drawing on a different shape.

Yes, you can tweak and make them slightly longer or thicker but be careful not to get carried away. You have to work with what you have been given and don't worry too much about your eyebrows matching each other perfectly, as Goss Make-Up Artist says: eyebrows are sisters not twins. Mine aren't even related!

There are a lot of products on the market for brows, my favourites are Mac 'Eye Brows' and Anastasia Beverley Hill 'Dipbrow'

For this blog post I'm using Nars 'God Created the Woman' eyeshadow palette as most people will have some brown shadows lurking in their makeup bag.

photo 1.JPG
photo 4 copy.JPG

To get really natural looking brows try using two different shades, the lighter at the inner part of the brows working into a darker shade on the arch and to the tip. I used the top left and bottom right colours from this palette.

Begin from the arch of your brow rather then from the inner point as this should look the least effected by product, going too heavy around this area can make them look drawn on and harsh.

Its really important to use a thin, firm fine angled brush to apply the colour, draw on individual hairs rather than filling in an entire brow. I used the Illamasqua angled brush from their travel range, I like that it is stiff and very thin.

If you make any mistakes or go little too far, just take a damp cotton bud and remove and excess product.


photo 2 copy.JPG
photo 4 copy 2.JPG