5 Steps to the perfect pout.

1. Prep your lips with a lip scrub, I absolutely love this bubblegum lip scrub from Lush, it smells and tastes divine, after scrubbing away any dead skin you can lick away the remaining sugar.

2. Moisturise your lips, vaseline works well or Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, do this before you apply eye make-up or foundation so you can give it a while to work its magic and soften up your lips. Once you have finished the rest of your make-up, remover any excess before continuing.

3. Okay, this is the magic bit, especially if you have small lips like me. Apply a thin layer of 'Sexy Mother Pucker' from Soap & Glory. When applied to the lips it gives a little tingling sensation and sends blood to the lips and plumping them out, Give it a minute or two, you can really feel it working then remove any excess, leaving a little amount on the lips.

photo 5.JPG

4. Apply a lip liner. Depending on the colour lips you want, from nude to bright pink I would always say to use a lip liner, there are so many colours available you can't go wrong. It enhances a nude lip giving more definition and shape and will hold a stronger colour in place and stop any bleeding outside your lip line. For an easier application, try warming the pencil on the back of your hand before drawing on your liner as it will glide on a lot easier, particularly on cold winter mornings.

5. Lipstick. Lipsticks come in all forms of finish from matt through to a high shine frost, a popular every day finish would be satin adding a little bit of moisture to your lips. For an edgy, dramatic look try a matt lipstick in a deep plum or red, if you do want a matt look then you will ned to remove all of the lip plumper after step 3. Whether its for work or a night out, I would recommend getting a highly pigmented lipstick, it will last longer and have a truer reflection of the colour your aiming for.